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 Best Android Apps 2013

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PostSubject: Best Android Apps 2013   Tue Jun 18, 2013 7:31 am

best Android apps 2013
Here are the best Android apps for smartphones and tablets
The popularity of Android has surged over the past year, driven by more excellent smartphones and the first crop of genuinely exciting 7in tablets.
To help you fill your new devices, we round up the 36 best Android apps that you should download today.

Weather Signal

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This app uses your phone’s environmental sensors to deliver in-depth weather reports. The main screen’s cute weather graphic is bolstered by tiles that display temperature, pressure, light levels and even magnetic flux – and the more sensors your phone has, the more information Weather Signal will display.
The map view plots your data – as well as data from other Weather Signal users – onto a map of your local area, and filters specify which data is displayed. The settings menu allows for different units of measurement, and frequency and GPS options offer greater customisation than Android’s stock apps can provide. (Free)


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Don’t let the name fool you – this isn’t an app about coach trips and pension plans. It’s a tool that uses personal information and your phone’s GPS to generate a chronological record of your life. Tell the app where you live and work, and it’ll make a note every time you visit – as well as giving you the chance to add your own annotations and pictures. Other important locations can be added and, if you choose, check-ins can be shared publicly.
Saga’s "Me" tab generates graphs that show how much time you’ve spent at work or at home, how far you’ve travelled, and how many unique places you’ve visited. The app uses its location logging, pictures and notes to create an interactive timeline of your life – and it’s a private record, too, unless you choose otherwise. (Free)


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Perfect for tinkerers, Fixya collates home-made videos of repairs to all manner of items, from household appliances and games consoles, to smartphones and satnavs. Videos are usually accompanied by in-depth explanations, and a full comments and voting system allows the most informative content to shine.
Fixya isn’t just about watching videos. You can film and upload your own repair tutorials, and a list of unsolved problems encourages users to get involved. There’s no way to browse videos by category – you’ll have to find solutions by searching – but it’s a useful utility if you enjoy fiddling with technology.(Free)

Light Flow

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This app is best used with devices that have RGB notification lights, such as the Nexus 4 or Sony Xperia Z, and serves up plenty of options for customising your phone’s notifications. Text messages, missed calls, new emails and calendar reminders can all be given their own custom colours, and the duration and frequency of each notification can also be edited. Notifications can be ranked in order of importance, and Light Flow will only show high-priority notifications if your battery is running out of juice.
The free version is restricted to notifications baked into Android, but the full version is much more versatile thanks to support for more than 550 popular Android apps. (Lite version, free; full version, £1.49)

the best Android apps for smartphones and tablets, with everything from fun and games to file downloads and security


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Downloading podcasts has never been so customisable. Sure, this app comes in at a hefty £3.34, which does sound barking for an audio-playing app, but if you’re a podcast junkie it is worth every penny.
DoggCatcher is very much in the spirit of Android - it’s easy to use on the surface, but delve down a few menus and you’ll find yourself in a world of customisation. Choose how many episodes of each podcast you keep, change when podcasts are downloaded, even store your podcasts in the cloud. For those who want to get through the [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] in a hurry, you can also change the play speed inside the app. Perhaps its most important feature is its developer - it’s been updated over 100 times since launch and any technical queries are answered within hours. (£3.34)

Whale Trail Frenzy

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Fly a baby whale in order to collect bubbles and avoid clouds. That’s the simple premise of this bizarre yet adorable game. Like all good games, it starts off gently, but quickly becomes incredibly challenging, meaning it’s very easy to sink far too much of your time into the ‘just one more go’ mentality. This is especially pertinent because the game never actually ends; you just keep on flying for as long as your skills hold out. You can upgrade your whale’s abilities and spend some real money to get hold of unlocks early, but it’s equally easy just to play the game for a few hours to unlock everything without parting with your cash. (Free)

TuneIn Radio Pro

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If you’re serious about listening to radio on the move, TuneIn Radio Pro is all you need. There is a free version, but the paid variant provides powerful features such as pausing and recording live radio, as well as creating wake-up alarms set to the sound of your favourite station. If you’re looking for something new, the app will also provide you with a list of stations broadcasting in your local area, or you can search by genre. It's a little to easy to get lost in the user interface, and for some reason the app likes to stay running in the background even when you’re not listening, but despite these quibbles, TuneIn Radio Pro is at the top of its class. (£3.31 - free version also available)

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Best Android Apps 2013

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