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 PES 2013 for Android Full APK free download

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PostSubject: PES 2013 for Android Full APK free download   Wed Jul 10, 2013 9:52 am

PES 2013 for Android Full APK free download

Along Experience the latest version of the PC game football world famous - Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 (PES 2013 for Android) with many interesting improvements.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 is a version of the game received the most in 2012 - a product of Japanese developer Konami. After nearly 2 months of launch demo for its products, Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 has officially come hand gamers. Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 promises to bring players a new breeze of gameplay, graphics and sound.

If you had the opportunity to go nghem demo that Konami released not long ago, players can feel the changes in Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 this time. In particular, the system of player movement in the game has been sliding improve and become more flexible. For example, Zlatan Ibrahimovic huge capital, but in the game, players will easily control the ball, keep the ball, dribbling with this player.

If a whole and not the individual strategies of the players, all positions on the field are certain changes. The player will become the defenders of the more subtle shadow tackles and the ability to choose the location and Assist. The winger, sometimes better than the performance of their duties is usually mounted close to the middle of the other players and also minimize the error Vietnam. However, the most significant upgrade in this version of PES 2013 is the change in the "guy guarding the temple." Specifically, the goalkeeper becomes more agile in the direction facing the opponent striker and is equipped with the ability to throw the ball away and sharpness to create the impression of a swift counterattack play.

First, the core of the game - Gameplay, PES always idiosyncratic capital extremely attractive and very easy to learn. Once you arrive at the PES, players will experience a faster paced game and rushed over. This is achieved partly by the system based on the power lines of the game, the more you keep the ball long shot button as speed lines. However, the style of PES is not "arcade" at all, because even though very easy to learn, but not easy to become players, simple gameplay of PES is easier to grasp than those who have actually football players only.

With exciting new features such as: Player ID, PES Full Control, Pro Active All, redeveloped Keepers, Defending Response, Dynamic First Touch, One Touch ... Perhaps the most attractive feature is the Player ID in order to meet a desired Other equally significant that the player portraying his fans a "real" as possible. Because the core gameplay of PES was pretty complete. So this new feature though is only for visual effect rather than affect the gameplay of the game. Anyway it can also help create new accents in style, as well as the experience of gamers admire version "of" the real players as idols.

Similar to its predecessors, Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 supports most major championship of Europe, Asia, the Americas, such as Premier League, Serie A, Ligue 1 ... Going along with that is a significant addition to list of top national teams in the world. Of course, as mentioned here, all the important elements such as transfer, jerseys, stadiums ... of all the Konami team has met and in some detail in order to bring new experiences for players.

However, one point is deducted Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 has not overcome "chronic disease" called copyright. For example, in addition to the league as Ligue 1 Eredivisie, Liga BBVA, J.League Division 1, Division 2 J.League provided full copyright, the rest of the tournament, players will have to fight with the team name, logo completely unfamiliar. For example, in the Premier League, Manchester United is the only team to have copyright Konami, in Liga ZON Sagres with SL Benfica, SC Braga, FC Porto and Sporting CP ... This factor makes PES hard to overcome rivals FIFA .

Not to disappoint players, Pro Evolution Soccer in general and Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 in particular gives the players the best experience in terms of graphics. In PES 2013, Konami continues to demonstrate its excellence by a series of design improvements: Players face more soulful, expressive strokes scored or burned when the grid is also more ... In addition, the Other interesting details such as image coach cheered outside edge, rotate the camera around the player ... also give the game more interesting. The players, the stadium, the crowd of thousands of fans ... has been much improved and become more extreme, promises to bring excitement and sheer sense of play excellent football the player through each battle.

In terms of audio, Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 is not much different than its predecessor. The language commentary, the passionate sounds from the sidelines, there is no obvious change. Still, one can not deny that they are great and contributed in no small part to make the game of life.
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PES 2013 for Android Full APK free download

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